You’ve probably heard by now about Jeb Bush’s “anchor babies” remark, and his subsequent doubling down by clarifying that it’s “frankly… more related to Asian people coming into our country…” There are a myriad of angles to approach this. Before proceeding, I want to frame my discussion in terms of critical race theory’s interest convergence […]

Yeah, it’s content farming, but it’s also an exercise in being a slightly more reflective reader. No promises on any sort of consistency in doing this. Dr. Dre, Compton (Review) – Jay Balfour at Pitchfork I keep reading reviews of hip-hop albums at Pitchfork, and I keep regretting it, although at this point it’s more hate-reading […]

Note: This post was originally published in a private blog on February 23, 2015, before the killing of Walter Scott. Calls for equipping police with body cameras have been renewed following the deaths of Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, and Eric Garner at the hands of police. Proponents believe that such measures will bring about greater police transparency, […]

It has now been a week since Kendrick Lamar unexpectedly released To Pimp a Butterfly. It didn’t take long for the reacts, thinkpieces, and hot takes to roll in, including writers pretending that they had sufficiently digested the album within hours of its release, as well as writers on major platforms complaining about how the […]

Wrote a fun little piece for Deadspin on enjoying the NBA playoffs when your team is on the outside looking in: Choose the team whose “mature” players are on One Last Job. While you may occasionally weep at the inevitability of old age when their bodies betray them, this only sweetens the opportunities you’ll get to fondly […]

Football is a game that demands passion, this we know. You don’t put your body through the abuse of slamming into two to three hundred pound grown ass men without being fueled by passion. This isn’t the soft, errrr, hardwood, where a listless Andrew Bynum can still get paid. This is the gridiron, baby. If […]

Social media was ablaze on Monday with reactions to Miley Cyrus’ performance at the Video Music Awards. There are a variety of angles to take with this, from photos of the Smith family reaction, to renewed conversations around cultural appropriation, to the double standard evident in the mounds of criticism directed at Cyrus and the […]