How Will Ed Davis Fit with the Grizzlies? Or, The Front Office is Willing, but the Coach is Weak | Dime Mag

Over at Dime, I take a look at Ed Davis’ fit on Memphis, and how he could be collateral damage in the ongoing Lionel Hollins vs. Front Office conflict:

From Davis’ shot charts, we can see that he both favors and performs best from the left side of the floor, which is unsurprising, considering he’s a lefty big. Davis is not an elite finisher at the rim at 62.7 percent, but it’s a respectable clip (plus-6.2 percent better than the league average), and the percentage of shots taken from that efficient spot is a good sign. Furthermore, the correspondence between his shot distribution and shot performance suggests that Davis plays within his game. While this may not seem unusual for a power forward, Davis is athletic enough that it wouldn’t be surprising if he too often attempted things outside his repertoire.

The film on Davis shows him to be long, athletic and agile whose go-to move is a quick little lefty hook. In the post, Davis generally doesn’t hold the ball too long, either going to the hook or finding cutters and shooters in proper time. Davis has also developed into a nice facilitator from the elbow, and is long enough to stride to the basket from there. However, in addition to struggling with his right and a slightly late release on his jumper, Davis has difficulty finishing through contact. When he is able to finish despite contact, Davis does it with his quickness and length, slithering by instead of powering through. Fortunately for Davis, strength, jumpshooting and off-hand proficiency are all things that players can improve with time.

Read the whole thing here.

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