Midterm Exam: The Jeremy Lin and James Harden Combination | Dime Mag

My latest piece at Dime takes a detailed look at how the Lin-Harden combination is working out for the Rockets, using advanced stats as well as film study:

We are working with a small sample size for February, but we can still take a look at a few things Lin and Harden are doing this differently month. The biggest difference for Lin is he’s hitting his threes, going 10-for-21 (47.6 percent). For Harden, more of his makes while Lin is on the floor are assisted makes (41 percent assisted to 59 percent unassisted), compared to the season overall (31.5 to 68.5 percent). This resonates with the idea that Harden has developed more trust in his teammates, and is figuring out how his newfound alpha dog role can settle into a good fit with the rest of the team.

That trust is illustrated in a beautiful play the Rockets ran against Portland earlier this month. The Rockets are set up in their normal spread look, with Asik running up to set a pick for Harden:

Read the whole thing here.

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