Overlooked X-Factors in Tonight’s Clippers – Grizzlies Game 3 | Dime Mag

At Dime, I write about two x-factors in tonight’s game, the first being Matt Barnes:

There’s no way around it: Barnes is, well, a punk, and on a team whose high-flying star has a reputation for being a fake tough guy, Barnes’ enforcer approach is a welcome addition.

And the second being Jerryd Bayless:

Bayless is nowhere near the trigger-happy habits of Nick Young, but he is capable of stretches of irrational (or at least disproportionate) confidence that can lead to either what some NBA bloggers have taken to calling “Evil Bayless” or some much needed microwave offense on a team that otherwise cooks with a slower boil. And since Bayless doesn’t possess faux-superstar status, when the microwave meal blows up and out of the packaging, Lionel Hollins can freely rein the backup guard in.

Read the whole thing here.


One comment

  1. Jameisha Washington · · Reply

    Great article Felix. Although I didnt watch the game this definitely made it sound like it would be interesting.

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