Lukewarm* Sports Takes: Dez Bryant Needs To

Football is a game that demands passion, this we know.

You don’t put your body through the abuse of slamming into two to three hundred pound grown ass men without being fueled by passion. This isn’t the soft, errrr, hardwood, where a listless Andrew Bynum can still get paid. This is the gridiron, baby. If Bynum were out there with all seven feet of his indifference, he’d get rocked. ROCKED, I say. J.J. Barea would Jack! Him! Up!

And so, when the game is on the line you need to show that passion, step up, be a man, a leader of men, goddamnit. Like Tim McGraw asked years ago during Monday Night Football, “How bad do you want it?”

So on Sunday, with the Cowboys in peril of losing to the Lions, what I needed, no, what we needed was most assuredly not what happened, with Dez Bryant just sitting there on the sidelines, not fired up. He might as well have been pouting, or had a towel on his head, Cam Newton style.


Contrast that with Calvin Johnson. Look at the passion behind Megatron’s ball spin after owning two defenders on a jump ball. It wasn’t gravity spinning that ball—it was desire, the will to win spinning the ball. Something Dez Bryant doesn’t know enough about. It wasn’t even a touchdown, and Calvin & Johnson celebrated. Because he knows first downs win you ball games. It’s not just all about individual touchdowns. It’s about T-E-A-M. The only thing Bryant desires is padding his stats. That’s probably all Dez was thinking about, sitting there on the sidelines, disengaged from his teammates. It’s all about you, isn’t it Dez?

He could have gone up to his teammates, gone up to Tony Romo with an encouraging word or two. Something like, “We’re the best in the NFL at this, Tony!” You know, something to instill confidence in his quarterback, in his team.

But instead, Dez continued the long tradition of diva receivers.

Dez was resting on his laurels. After all, he already got his. Some sweet TD catches. Who cares whether or not America’s Team got the W, right? Dez already got his W.

I’m not a mind reader, but I bet Dez is so selfish that when the thought crossed his mind to go fire up his teammates, he quickly shoved it aside because he was worried about how that would damage his already less than sterling image with the media. Quit being so selfish and worrying about your image, and start worrying about the team.

But I guess what else would you expect from the son of a prostitute?

~ ~ ~

*With apologies to #HotSportsTakes. And everybody else in the world.


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