A Modest Reader — As Possible (AMRAP) – August 11, 2015

Yeah, it’s content farming, but it’s also an exercise in being a slightly more reflective reader.

No promises on any sort of consistency in doing this.

Dr. Dre, Compton (Review) – Jay Balfour at Pitchfork
I keep reading reviews of hip-hop albums at Pitchfork, and I keep regretting it, although at this point it’s more hate-reading than anything. Still, I’m genuinely impressed by the level of condescension produced:
News that Dre had scrapped Detox entirely was confirmed alongside the announcement of this new album. Years of build-up washed away in the cancellation. It must have been a unique catharsis, purging an undeliverable hype with something tangible finally in hand.

Jeremy Lin’s younger brother is going to play pro ball in Taiwan – AsiaOne; The China Post
The important takeaways here are a) Joseph Lin attended a liberal arts college (yay liberal arts!) and b) Jeremy Lin has a LINE account. I’ve watched SBL games before, and it’s not good basketball, but it’s not terrible, either. This is another example (granted, a less conventional one) of ABTs heading back to Taiwan to ply their trade. Also, dude weighted 151 at 6-1 when he played at Hamilton.

On Ferguson and the Enduring Resilience of Black People – Kara Brown at Jezebel
A beautiful celebration of black resilience.

The Charge to Be Fair: Ta-Nehisi Coates and Roxane Gay in Conversation – at Barnes & Noble Review
What strikes me about this conversation is how many times TNC says some variant of “I don’t know.”

Affordable Housing’s Forever Solution – Jake Blumgart at Next City
Community land trusts as a potential measure against gentrification. This piece also speaks to the necessity for participation from local governments, but also the accompanying complications (since local governments can rarely be trusted to stave off the wiles of developers).


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