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“Anchor Babies” and Interest Convergence

You’ve probably heard by now about Jeb Bush’s “anchor babies” remark, and his subsequent doubling down by clarifying that it’s “frankly… more related to Asian people coming into our country…” There are a myriad of angles to approach this. Before proceeding, I want to frame my discussion in terms of critical race theory’s interest convergence […]

One Week Later, A “To Pimp A Butterfly” Reader

It has now been a week since Kendrick Lamar unexpectedly released To Pimp a Butterfly. It didn’t take long for the reacts, thinkpieces, and hot takes to roll in, including writers pretending that they had sufficiently digested the album within hours of its release, as well as writers on major platforms complaining about how the […]

A Girardian Reading of Miley Cyrus at the VMAs?

Social media was ablaze on Monday with reactions to Miley Cyrus’ performance at the Video Music Awards. There are a variety of angles to take with this, from photos of the Smith family reaction, to renewed conversations around cultural appropriation, to the double standard evident in the mounds of criticism directed at Cyrus and the […]

Running Commentary: The Jeremy Lin 60 Minutes Interview

The April 7 edition of CBS’ 60 Minutes featured a segment on Jeremy Lin, including interviews with Lin, his parents, and David Stern. Running commentary on the interview follows, so, open up a new browser window, kick back, and read along as you watch the interview. Segment Tease, from Charlie Rose: There aren’t many basketball […]

There is Neither Blue Devil Nor Wolverine: The Fab Five and the Eroding of College Basketball Identities | Dime Mag

In my latest for Dime, I venture beyond statistical analysis and comment on the Fab Five and the impact they had not only on the college basketball climate, but also the lens through which we view college basketball: The Fab Five, cultural phenomenon that it was, de-centered team loyalties on a national level. Even if […]

My February’s Black, My Nikes Too: A Conversation About Nike’s Black History Month Collection

Jacob Greenberg from The Diss and Felix Huang from Broken Yellow Lines get together to discuss Nike’s Black History Month Collection. This conversation took place over several days and is also cross-posted at The Diss. When Kevin Durant stepped onto the Pepsi Center floor on Sunday, January 20, 2013, his feet were adorned in a special […]

#COUNTONKOBE to Be A Balm for My Cynical Soul

Remember the good old days? When everything was in black and white? When America still had family values? When you said, “I’m down with that” it meant you had the flu? And when product placement seemed invasive? Yeah, neither do I. Thing is, product placement has been around since as early as the 19th century. I don’t […]