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Lukewarm* Sports Takes: Dez Bryant Needs To

Football is a game that demands passion, this we know. You don’t put your body through the abuse of slamming into two to three hundred pound grown ass men without being fueled by passion. This isn’t the soft, errrr, hardwood, where a listless Andrew Bynum can still get paid. This is the gridiron, baby. If […]

#COUNTONKOBE to Be A Balm for My Cynical Soul

Remember the good old days? When everything was in black and white? When America still had family values? When you said, “I’m down with that” it meant you had the flu? And when product placement seemed invasive? Yeah, neither do I. Thing is, product placement has been around since as early as the 19th century. I don’t […]

The Te’o Stake House

When I was in undergrad, in the throes of the ivory tower, I had a professor, who, in the midst of lofty theoretical discussions, would always ask, “But what’s at stake?” I have found myself pondering the same thing in the wake of this Manti Te’o business. On Thursday, Te’o’s first on-camera interview since Deadspin […]