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A Second Look at Ed Davis as a Grizzly | Dime Mag

New at Dime, a second look at Ed Davis in Memphis: (All stats per Since swapping the white, red, black, and occasional camo of Toronto for Memphis’ white, navy, and light blue threads, Davis is taking a much higher percentage of his shots from at the rim, from 62.4 percent up to 78.3 percent, […]

There is Neither Blue Devil Nor Wolverine: The Fab Five and the Eroding of College Basketball Identities | Dime Mag

In my latest for Dime, I venture beyond statistical analysis and comment on the Fab Five and the impact they had not only on the college basketball climate, but also the lens through which we view college basketball: The Fab Five, cultural phenomenon that it was, de-centered team loyalties on a national level. Even if […]

Dona Nobis “PACE”: Can High-Pace Teams Win in the Playoffs? | Dime Mag

For Dime, I examine the commonly held notion that high-pace teams cannot succeed in the playoffs, through a number of case studies: Interestingly enough, the Jazz and Warriors played at a high pace (100.31, up from 95.8 of Golden State vs. Dallas) not far off from the Warriors’ regular season average of 101.64. What was […]

My February’s Black, My Nikes Too: A Conversation About Nike’s Black History Month Collection

Jacob Greenberg from The Diss and Felix Huang from Broken Yellow Lines get together to discuss Nike’s Black History Month Collection. This conversation took place over several days and is also cross-posted at The Diss. When Kevin Durant stepped onto the Pepsi Center floor on Sunday, January 20, 2013, his feet were adorned in a special […]

Taking the Playground to Durham: Before Kyrie, There Was Jay Dub | Dime Mag

I show Jay Williams some love for Dime Magazine: That being said, back around the turn of the century, one man gave me reason to not only watch, but also somewhat uneasily root for Duke Basketball: Jay Williams. This was back in the heyday of AND1, when kids just wanted handles, and laments were raised for the […]

Midterm Exam: The Jeremy Lin and James Harden Combination | Dime Mag

My latest piece at Dime takes a detailed look at how the Lin-Harden combination is working out for the Rockets, using advanced stats as well as film study: We are working with a small sample size for February, but we can still take a look at a few things Lin and Harden are doing this differently month. […]

#COUNTONKOBE to Be A Balm for My Cynical Soul

Remember the good old days? When everything was in black and white? When America still had family values? When you said, “I’m down with that” it meant you had the flu? And when product placement seemed invasive? Yeah, neither do I. Thing is, product placement has been around since as early as the 19th century. I don’t […]