On Tuesday I wrote about checking out the Drew League, and today, as a bonus, here are some photos I captured from the stands. It was fun to see NBA players in a different context, and here’s a photo of Brandon Jennings in the stands, sitting with everybody else. Unfortunately, my camera has poor zoom, […]

Over at Dime, I write about my experience at the Drew League last weekend, and give you 5 reasons to go: On the court, the style of play, as you can imagine, is fast-paced and iso heavy, so conscience-less gunners such as Young and Crawford have a chance to jack up shots to their hearts’ […]

At Dime, I write about two x-factors in tonight’s game, the first being Matt Barnes: There’s no way around it: Barnes is, well, a punk, and on a team whose high-flying star has a reputation for being a fake tough guy, Barnes’ enforcer approach is a welcome addition. And the second being Jerryd Bayless: Bayless […]

The April 7 edition of CBS’ 60 Minutes featured a segment on Jeremy Lin, including interviews with Lin, his parents, and David Stern. Running commentary on the interview follows, so, open up a new browser window, kick back, and read along as you watch the interview. Segment Tease, from Charlie Rose: There aren’t many basketball […]

In honor of the announcement of Gary Payton’s forthcoming Hall of Fame induction, I reminisce at Dime about his famed defense on Michael Jordan during the 1996 NBA Finals: It was almost like a game within the game emerged, with Payton goading the hyper-competitive Jordan into taking threes, each Jordan miss a small victory for […]

New at Dime, a second look at Ed Davis in Memphis: (All stats per NBA.com/Stats) Since swapping the white, red, black, and occasional camo of Toronto for Memphis’ white, navy, and light blue threads, Davis is taking a much higher percentage of his shots from at the rim, from 62.4 percent up to 78.3 percent, […]

In my latest for Dime, I venture beyond statistical analysis and comment on the Fab Five and the impact they had not only on the college basketball climate, but also the lens through which we view college basketball: The Fab Five, cultural phenomenon that it was, de-centered team loyalties on a national level. Even if […]